Title...King Size Cans

Size...400% larger then a real spray can. 2.5ft tall and 10" in diameter

Medium...18g. sheetmetal

Year...Oct. 2001 for the Krylons and July 2002 for the Rustos

Comments...These were inspired by my hobby of collecting old spray cans. The tops on these cans don't come off but in the near future I am planning on making cans that the top will come off and it will have the complete detail under the top including the spray nozzle. The bottoms of the cans use a metal spinning and are dished in like a real can is. Incase you are wondering...YES, they do come complete with a ball inside them.

Credits...The label layout was done by Alexdesignz. If you need any type of layouts done visit his website @ www.alexdesignz.com


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